AB Åkesson och Blomqvist was founded in 1918 and are a company with a long experience in service to the industry. In short, we practially contributed to Sweden's industrialization from the beginning. We do the same thing today that we did in 1918!

We ship worldwide !


ÅBS is now a general agent in Sweden for the products made by Flange Guards.

The Flange Guard is an excellent solution for the maintenance technicians' health and safety, by protecting against direct or potential leakage of dangerous and toxic chemicals in for example flange-, valve- and pipeline.

Watch the clip and you will see how our flange guards work against the competitors.

We have delivered flange guards to the Heliås project SCA Östrand

ÅBS have a vide range of products for example gaskets, agitators, gearboxes, valves, insulation, sightglass and much more.

Our vision is to develop the most enviromentally friendly products as you can get.

We do not only put quality as an important topic, good service are our highest priority!

We also offer installation and service of our products.

Our goal is to accomplish our customers expectations.

One of our biggest selling products over the years is the sightglass and armatures, all in different sizes. Specials no problem, please enquire !

Technical glass - more than just for looks!