About us!

AB Åkesson och Blomqvist was founded in 1918 and is one of Sundsvall's oldest businesses with a long experience in service to the Swedish industry. In short, we have practically seen contributed to the country's industrialization from the beginning.

The businesses that uses us knows we can solve most of their problems. We do this by providing goods from our own storage, and when we are short of goods, we use our broad circle of contacts we have build up over the years. With other words, we're here for you when you need us! We export worldwide !

The workshop

We have our own die-cutting workshop for providing our customers with special gaskets, custom-made for their needs. We also provide fast deliveries! In our workshop we make everything from small special gaskets to industrial gaskets, die-cutted in different segments.
We also provide service and installation of our products.

We make you last longer

Our goal is providing the best products for your machinery to maintain a long troublefree service and no unforseen down-time!



We are today general agent for, among other things, the agitators from Turbo-Rührwerke in Germany.
Pack-Ryt, a unique product for mostly the rotating equipment were shaft play are a big problem. But Pack Ryt solves that problem. We also have more unique products like the sootblower packning and the sightglass armatures.