Flangegaskets Flangegaskets

We sell gaskets in a variety of designs and we also have a separate gasket.
Providing our customers with special packages tailored to their needs is our goal. In addition, we guarantee fast delivery!

In our punching range, everything is made from small special packaging to large industrial gaskets, punched into several segments. In close cooperation with our customers, we develop cost-effective sealing solutions, which provide secure plants with long operating hours.

We have a wide range of packing options in our range. Graphite, Expansion PTFE Band, Expanded PTFE GR, Manluck Packing, Machine File, Metal Packing, Pressure Pan, Polyurethane, PTFE Foil, Silicone, Spiral Lined Flange Packing, Viton, Fiber Packing, Åflon, Graphite Laminate, Rubber Glues, Rubber Gasket, High Pressure Plates, Ceramic Fiber, Copper Trays, Aluminum Trays and more.

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