PTFE products

PTFE products PTFE products

PTFE has high thermal resistance and can be used in a wide temperature range from -200 ° C up to + 275 ° C.

PTFE resistance to chemical attack is excellent in all respects. This property is maintained throughout the temperature range where the material can be used and applies virtually no matter what medium it is exposed to. Only molten alkali metals and fluorine in gaseous form at high temperatures and high pressure react with PTFE.

FOLIE in rolls with 900 mm width, thickness 0.25 - 3 mm.
PLATES size 1200 x 1200 mm, thickness 4 - 10 mm.
FOLIE with a side prepared for bonding, in rolls of 600 mm
FILM self-adhesive, in rolls of 600 mm width, thickness 0.1 mm.
TEJP for thread seal, in rolls 12.5mm length, width 12.5cm,
SNOW for small valves and flanges, diameter 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 mm.
ROD diameter 3 - 100 mm.
PURE thin and thick-walled
BUTTERFLOWERS are available in all sizes
VENTILATION seals are available in all sizes

Main characteristics:
High temperature resistance
Say at low temp. (down to -160C)
Very low coefficient of friction
Excellent chemical resistance
Low water absorption
Not attacked by microorganisms
High density
Hydrolysis resistant, even in superheated steam
Good electrical and dielectric properties
Non-abrasion resistant

Most products are also glass fiber reinforced or with other filling materials, such as carbon, bronze or similar.

Used in the chemical industry, mechanical engineering, electronics industry, packaging industry and many more with excellent results.

We can supply PTFE details after drawing.

We can also join and develop new technical solutions and handle the production from starting material to finished detail. With us as a supplier, you only need a place of purchase when it comes to PTFE products.

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