Mechanical seals

Mechanical seals Mechanical seals

Flex-A-Seal patented fully split Style 85 cassette seal
Fastest Installation in the World!
Only two cartridge halves are handled - no loose or fragile components can be lost or damaged
No measurements, shims or special tools are required.
Dirt and grease can not get between the parts.

Style 85 is the only shared seal on the market that is fully assembled and printed at the factory before it is shipped to the customer. This process not only ensures sealing efficiency but also provides a higher degree of successful installations If the shaft needs to be adjusted after the seal has been set, set simply set the setting brackets on the seal, loosen the screws in the sleeve, move the shaft to its new position, tighten the screws and remove the setting brackets.

We also have other types of Mechanical seals in different materials, easy to install and maintain!

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