Klinger valves KHM

Klinger valves KHM Klinger valves KHM

Is a fully welded ball valve with unlisted houses. The ball valves in this series are uncompromisingly designed to work in district heating, in heating and air conditioning systems and in general construction.

In addition to a wide range of standard versions, there are also various custom designs of Monoball®. Among other things, there is a special version for buried installations with plastic enclosure pipes and for drainage and dewatering installations

· Fully maintenance free
· Can be printed from both connections
· Long heat insulating spindle
· Multiple fully interchangeable interfaces
· Multiple spindle seals with long service life
· Double-blind exhaust-proof valve stem
· Stainless steel spindle prevents bimetallic corrosion
· Elastically pre-stressed sealing element with stainless steel Belleville springs

· Tested and certified according to EN 488 and FW401 - Part 5
· Prepared for automation (DN100 or higher with full throughput)

            SPECIAL TYPES
· Metal seat (up to +400 ° C) for abrasive media
· Spider sealed with O-rings
· Spindle extension
· Oxygen production (free from oil, grease and silicone)
· Cryogenic version down to -196 ° C
· Four Safe Design
· Vacuum version
  Gas versions

PN: 16/25/40/63/100
DN: 10-125
Material: Steel castings, stainless steel and acid-proof steel castings, cast iron, cast iron, special material on request
Temperature: -196 ° C to +400 ° C
Construction: Flanges (long, short), threaded connections, weld ends (long, short), full and reduced throughput
Type: Three-way ball valve

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