ÅBS unique sootblower packing for the longest running times you ever seen !
It is built with a core of carbon fiber for high tensile strength,
Extremely long lifetime 
Split for easier installation - no risk of fracking. Molded rings to exact dimension,
Withstand water scouring of boilers.

Base Material:
Carbon, Graphite, Graphite - Exfoliated, Synthetic Material.
Inconel wire.

Max temperature:
426 degrees PH: 3-12

PACKAGING THAT SOLVES PROBLEMS with blown graphite rings at sootblower apparatus, type Diamond Power, Clyde Bergeman etc 
SEALRYT SB283R special kit for sootblowers.
Each set of molded rings for precise fit.

 Packing Instruction:
1. Remove all old packing.
2. Clean the steam tube and treat it with suitable solvent, ex WD40 or equal
3. Check that the tube is not scored and bent.
4. Insert one ring at a time with the joints shifted 90 degrees and, if possible, compress each ring separately using a split sleeve.
5. Assemble the gland.

In case of leakage, tighten the gland harder.

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Easy to cut 4
Sharp edges at cutting 3
Resistance against extrusion 4 Durable 3
Dumbbell 4
Heat conducting 4
Shaft wear 4
Easy installation 4
Deformation 4
Ability to adapt 5
Resistance to acids 4
Resistance to lute 4
Dimensional stability 5
Easy to disassemble 5

Rating: 0 = Bad, 1 = Not good, 2 = Nice, 3 = Good, 4 = Very good and 5 = Splendid