Ceramic gaskets

Ceramic gaskets Ceramic gaskets

Ceramic packing provides excellent thermal and physical properties up to the maximum operating temperature of 1200 ° C.
It can be used as thermal insulation in a wide area.

Typical Uses
Gaskets for industrial and household applications
Non-ferrous cast molding 
Melting aluminum grinding system
Separated by soldering, brazing 
Feed in aluminum heater for heating 
Expansion joints 
Separation layer in induction furnaces 
heat shields

            Physical properties
     Classification temperature 1200 ° C
     Melting point> 1330 ° C
     Fiber diameter> 3.2 μm
     Density 150 kg / m3
     Tensile strength> 250 kPa *

We punch gaskets ourselves at our own pace, which means we can keep short delivery times and really competitive prices.
You can get punched what type of gasket you want according to drawing.

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High temperature stability
Low thermal conductivity
Low density
Resistant to thermal shock
Flexible use
Easy to wind, shape, punch and cut
Good thermal and acoustic insulation properties