Klinger valves ballostar KHA och KHE

Klinger Ballostar KHA Klinger Ballostar KHA


KLINGER ball valves Ballostar KHI complies when the requirements are tightened and they already meet future standards with respect to tensile strength as well as pressure and bending load. Another feature of Ballostar ® KHI is its unique sealing system.
The test and drain valve welded to the ball valve housing allows temporary relief of pressure, even if the ball is closed. Ballostar® KHA is a universal solution for virtually any application.

· Fully maintenance free
· Can be printed from both connections
· Ball with cylindrical full throughput
· Unique prestressed and elastic sealing system
· Double-directional seal according to EN 12266 - leakage class A
· Modular rate of system components
· Can be maintained in place in the pipeline
· Antistatic construction according to ISO 7121 / EN 1983
· Can be integrated in retrospective automation systems (mounting flange according to EN ISO 5211)

· Metal seat (up to +400 ° C) for abrasive media
· Spider sealed with O-rings
· Spindle extension
· Oxygen production (free from oil, grease and silicone)
· Cryogenic version down to -196 ° C
· Four Safe Design
· Vacuum version
  Gas versions

PN: 16/25/40/63/100
DN: 10-125
Material: Steel castings, stainless steel and acid-proof steel castings, cast iron, cast iron, special material on request
Temperature: -196 ° C to +400 ° C
Construction: Flanges (long, short), threaded connections, weld ends (long, short), full and reduced throughput
Type: Three-way ball valve

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