Mechanical packing

mechanical packing mechanical packing

Style 465 is made entirely of PTFE / carbonyarn smelt in with collodial graphite particles. It is finally lubricated with a special silicone lubricant

Style 465 is easy to cut and install, it easily absorbs oddities in the shoulders and lining. Due to its sturdy shape, the performance of the gasket does not deteriorate, although there may be unevenness in the shaft and lining.

Style 465 can handle higher pressure and peripheral velocity than other PTFE / graphite mechanical packing.

Style 465 is very useful on all chemicals and also acts as an all-round pack for use on clean media for contaminated chemicals.

Style 465 PTFE / carbon fiber and graphite lubricants make the friction and heat conductivity the best, and very gentle to the shoulder and lining.

Style 465 is currently used by the energy industry, chemical industry for the paper industry.

Style 465 is the best example of new generation gaskets that meet the demands of being an all-round packaging while being resistant to chemicals.

Available in size from 3mm - 25mm
Length from 3 to 20 meters

   +500°                            1-14                 Up to 2000
Maxtemperature     PH value            Max speed

        Area of use
Rotating & recurring

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Easy to cut 5
Sharp edges at cutting 5
Resistors with extrusion 4
Durable 4
Dumbbell 4
Heat conducting 4
Axel wear 5
Easy installation 4
Deformation 4
Ability to adapt 4
Resistance to acids 5
Resistance to lye 5
Dimensional stability 4
Easy to disassemble 5

Rating: 0 = Bad, 1 = Not good, 2 = Nice, 3 = Good, 4 = Very good,
5 = brilliant.

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