Environment & quality policy

Environment Policy 
We conserve long-term responsibility for the external and internal environment.
Work for a good environment for employees and thus prevent ill health. The employee's rights are also respected.
Contribute to good external environment in the immediate area, thus reducing negative waste from your own business. Sorting of waste is made in the company. Recycling is made of packing material.
Contribute to the global external environment, through the possibility of selecting suppliers that are environmentally certified or who have a defined environmental policy.
The vision is to work out environmentally friendly products.
Logistics is always overlooked to make transport as short as possible.
Our environmental work will be constantly improved.
We will comply with applicable laws, regulations and other provisions.
Åkesson & Blomquist AB sees itself as the good company in which we place social responsibility and sustainability issues in constant focus.

Quality Policy
We will market and maintain a wide range of first-class customer service and quality awareness. We will do this by prioritizing high product quality, delivery precision and an advantageous total price.
We will have an open and honest communication with our customers to understand and meet their needs and requirements.
Our goal is to achieve our customers' expectations. We do this by doing right from the start in our processes, taking individual responsibility for the quality of our own work and striving for continuous improvement.