Mechanical packing

mechanical packing mechanical packing

Style 50/50 is a combination of 50% PTFE impregnated and treated aramid fiber as well as 50% glass fiber. Combination of the fiber makes it possible to remove heat from the gasket, resulting in increased dimensional stability and constant sealing efficiency.

Style 50/50 does not roll in the box and does not extrude. It also has high bending capacity and superior density, which counteracts the appearance of foreign particles.

Style 50/50 is superior to use as general pump packing in sludge, sluggish liquids, vacuum pumps, petroleum products and mild chemicals. Very good gasket for joints in hydropower plants.

Available in size from 3mm - 25mm
Length from 3 - 20 meters 

        +500°                        3-12                    Up to 2800
     Maxtemp                 PH value               Max speed

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Area of use
Rotating & recurring
Valve equipment

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Easy to cut 1
Sharp edges at cutting 3
Resistors with extrusion 5 Durable 5
Impact resistant 5
Heat conducting 3
Axel wear 2
Easy installation 4
Deformation 5
Ability to adapt 2
Resistance to acids 2
Resistance to lute 2
Dimensional stability 5
Easy to disassemble 5

Rating: 0 = Bad, 1 = Not good, 2 = Nice, 3 = Good, 4 = Very good,
5 = brilliant

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