Sightglass and fitting

Sightglass  - for more than just visible
Sightglass is a glass with special characteristics. By processing, ordinary glass can have properties that either have a significant impact on safety, or as a function of the completion of a particular use or design.

Whether it's solid materials, liquids or combustion processes to be inspected, ÅBS has solutions that meet the specific needs and all products are of course manufactured according to approved standards.

Post-processing such as drilling, cutting, etching, silk screen printing, sand blasting, facetting, curing (thermal and chemical), grinding, bonding, milling and bending are done by order of customer.

Here are some of the products we have in our range:
Synglas Borosilicate DIN7080, 7081, Synglasställ
Sanglas Glazed soda, Synglas heat-resistant quartz
Glasses, Glass tubes, Glass cylinders
Special glass according to drawing, Sunglass gaskets, Sunglass lighting.

Elongated level glass is available as a smooth or shredded glass:
Can withstand up to 240 ° C and 35 bar without mica lamella.
With mica lamella the glass can withstand up to 280 ° C and 100 bar pressure.

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