Flange Packing Straps

ÅB-Flon Flange packing Straps ÅB-Flon Flange packing Straps

ÅB-Flon Flange Packing Straps are made of 100% pure PTFE through a transformation process into molecular stretched fiber structure. This method provides a combination of outstanding mechanical properties. Plastic agility with excellent cold stabilization eliminating cold flow and leakage caused by shrinkage, which is normal for sintered PTFE.
ÅB-Flon has a high tensile strength, but at the same time soft and flexible. Best sealing properties are achieved in the micrometer when the flat packing is compressed by pressure from the flange to a thin wide band which fills out irregularities and cracks in the sealing surface.

Applications Pumps, gearboxes, transmissions, waterstand luminaire static seals on pipe fittings, lid to containers, manholes, laboratory equipment, joint seals in fiberglass boats, bathrooms, sheet metal constructions, etc.
Mounting The ÅB-Flon flange gasket tape is fitted with a self-adhesive tape that makes it easy to apply the tape to the flange. When measuring the packing length, the material should be calculated to overlap the ends. In case of large irregularities on the sealing surface, wider packing should be chosen. For ceramic and other fragile flanges, do not overlap the ends without cutting the gasket with slant or stub.

The following packing widths are recommended for finely finished flanges. For larger areas, the dimension of the tires increases:
   Up to         Width
  NW 50          3 mm
NW 200          5 mm
NW 600          7 mm
NW 1500      10 mm
NW 1500     14, 20 mm

Deformation values at different flange pressures
Pressure Kp / cm   Width:                             3     5     7     10     14      20  
    100                       Pressed width mm     3.5  6.0  8.0  11.5  16.0   23.0
                                  Remaining thickness 0.5  0.7  1.1  1.3     1.5    2.6
   200                Pressed width (mm)     4.5   8.0  9.5  14.0  20.0  30.0
                          Remaining thickness   0.4    0.5  0.7   0.8    1.0    1.8
   300               Pressed Width (mm)     5.0  9.0  13.0  17.0  25.0  38.0
                        Remaining thickness    0.25  0.3  0.4     0.5    0.7    1.2

ÅB-Flon Flange packing Straps ÅB-Flon Flange packing Straps

 Technical data              

Temperature range: stable from -240 ° C up to + 270 ° C, short term up to + 310 ° C.
Pressure resistant up to 150 kp / cm, depending on working conditions

Absolutely taste and odorless up to + 270 ° C.

Resistant to oxygen up to 50 kp / cm pH 0-1

        Chemically stable to all corrosive acids, leaks, solvents and gases (except for elemental fluorine compounds, fluorine under high pressure, and melting alkali metals).
No decomposition or aging at age.

Do not cause any contamination of medium.