Klinger conevalves KLA

Klinger valves KLA Klinger valves KLA

Eyelet valve metallic sealant with packing seal Flanges DIN EN 1092-1 PN16-40. Alternatively with welding ends DIN 3239 form D Construction length according to EN 558-1 series 1 (DIN 3202 F1)
Design DIN 3356.
O.S. & Y. (Outside Screw & Yoke) External spindle thread with a bracket.
Rising spindle and steering wheel With flat sealing surfaces.
Pressure-loaded packing box with the cone in fully open position.
From DN125-PN40 and DN200-PN16 with opposite direction of flow Pressure relieving cone from DN125-PN40 and from DN200-PN16.
Valves are fitted with handwheel.


Housing made of steel castings GP240GH + N (GS-C25N) (1.0619) Stainless steel sealing surfaces.
Packet seal of graphite.

Temperature range
Medium -10 ° C up to + 400 ° C.
Working temperature and working pressure ratio according to DIN EN 1092.

Use Areas
As shut-off valve for non-aggressive liquids, gases, water, hot water, condensate, steam and petroleum products.
For industries, power plants, ships, etc.
Valves for regulation can be delivered with a control key.
DIN EN 1092 standard determines the permissible working pressure in relation to temperature.

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